Zero to Dream Job in 90 Days!

Day #8 Technology

I’m not going to sugar coat it, today was a tough one. We all have days that aren’t top notch, either with inspiration, technology, disappointments, interruptions or various other situations that can mess with our mojo. That’s to be expected. Life is messy and we can’t control it all. I’m learning a lot through writing every day and I’ve been excited to say the least, that people are enjoying the posts! It has given me energy and adrenalin to stay up until 3:30 am to research, make connections and pull the topics out from the cobwebs of my mind.

There is a lot to learn about Social media. With LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Medium, I can pretty much hold my own. However, Instagram is my nemesis and today it gave me a run for my money. Why can’t I write words on a post? Well, because Instagram doesn’t let you, it only lets you post pictures. However, you can write on your story, so ok, let’s try that. Well, I can’t seem to be able to change the lettering from white to black and you can’t see it on the white background. Let me try it again. Nope. Let me go back to my story and start over. Omg, now a plain black empty post just showed up on my story feed. I have no idea how! What if people think someone died? What if they think I died? Wait how could I make a post if I died? Oh now I am dying laughing at my lack of skill with this! How do I delete it?

For those of us who grew up with a telephone plugged into the wall, and three channels on the TV, all of this technology is a major rewiring of our brains. Sometimes it all makes sense and flows like a lazy river. Other times, like today, a hundred beavers build a dam and nothing flows at all. That’s the time when you close the computer and you take a walk. You might see another kind of inspiration from your front yard. And tomorrow you start again.

82 days to go!

Writer, poet, educator and humanitarian

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Kathy Blackwell

Kathy Blackwell

Writer, poet, educator and humanitarian

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