Zero to Dream Job in 90 Days!

Day #17 Skills

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Tonight I have that excitement inside. It’s a quiet spark, but nevertheless a spark. Something is on the brink of happening, perhaps an idea, a connection, some sort of breakthrough. This spark has never let me down yet, so I know it’s going to occur. I just don’t know what it is. Yet.

I’ve been writing this blog for 17 days and proud to say I haven’t skipped any. And I won’t. Some days are easier than others but every day I learn something. I continue to research job opportunities, connect with people, network and ask people to follow this blog, gathering exposure to my writing and learning what people are drawn to.

As friends connect me with chances to speak about job possibilities, I am feeling nervous and a bit inadequate. What makes me the right person for a great opportunity? What skills and gifts do I possess that make me the perfect candidate? How do I find the words that express that to a potential employer? How do any of us do this?

It is a process I have been working on for some time and now I must whittle down the words to a few succinct sentences to explain who I am, what my skills are and how I can contribute to this new workplace. I must write it all down! I can make lists and rewrite and reorder them until they make sense. What’s important in this time of getting back to “normal”life? Its not normal, still.

Everything is still changing. Some people are going back to their offices, some businesses are closing down their workspaces for good. Remote work is often the norm, but the world seems a bit like walking on uneven ground. We aren’t sure what will happen or what we want to happen. So here’s my list, so far. And I think it needs a lot of re-ordering before I have any sort of interview. Nevertheless, at this point this is what I think I have to offer:

Flexibility -I think this is a top skill in job and home life now. We have to be able to stop on a dime and pivot. I have had a lot of practice in this and I’m pretty good at it. 👍

Communication — We have to be able to express our feelings in a professional manner, ask questions for clarification, and speak up about problems before they become too big, especially working remotely from each other. I feel like I’m a fairly clear communicator. 👍

Attention to detail — I have noticed many people are often doing three things at once and are not fully listening to people speaking to them and can often not repeat what was just said. I am a great listener and remember the details. (Usually) 👍

Commitment — As always, commitment and passion make a job a wonderful way to spend your days. I think that is why so many people are changing their careers right now, to pursue their passion, instead of just having a job. 👍

So if I were to have an interview right now, using this list, I would answer this way when asked why am I the right person for this dream job. “ I am a flexible person who can switch gears when needed, which is a valuable skill today. I am able to express myself clearly in a pleasant and upbeat manner and am a team player. I have a good memory and pay attention to detail. And when I commit to something, I do it with my whole heart.”

Will that be the answer the employer wants to hear? Do I sound like I’m overconfident? I’m not sure but that’s what I have come up with tonight. I know attitude counts for a lot. What will your list be?

73 Days to go!

Writer, poet, educator and humanitarian

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Kathy Blackwell

Kathy Blackwell

Writer, poet, educator and humanitarian

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