Zero to Dream Job in 90 Days!

Day #77 Pause

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(This is a pause in Part 2 of the Rosebud Story from yesterday.)

Today seems too important to not acknowledge, so I must. It was a very crazy day for me, from start to finish. So many things happening all at once, calls, emails, decisions that I couldn’t make, texts that needed responses, etc etc. It seemed like outside forces were trying to pull me away from something very, very important. For, in fact, I think I found my dream job.

It was as if I had written the company’s mission and position myself. As if someone put all the elements of goodness, joy, empathy, creativity, writing and travel into one job, for me! A position, where I would write the stories of this groups work with struggling people around the world. My heart actually lept when I read the description!

How could I write a resume and cover letter that would explain how long and how hard I have tried to find this job? How do I write the words which will help them know I am the perfect person for their organization? What magic could I conjure up, so that they may connect to me as I did to their words on the page? I was full of anxiety.

I could only get to work, ignoring the calls, emails, etc to write the best letter I could, to describe the positions I have held, the work I have done, and write it in words that would spark their interest. And then let it go. I sent it off, knowing I had written the best letter I could, and crossing everything that could be crossed, hoping a star will shine down, making my letter shine a little brighter than all the other applicants. 🌟

13 days to go!

Writer, poet, educator and humanitarian

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Kathy Blackwell

Kathy Blackwell

Writer, poet, educator and humanitarian

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