Kathy Blackwell

Ukraine 2022

Photo from UnSplash

In the late winter of this year,

In the time of looking ahead to spring,

The Olympics were held and the people watched,

the youth of the world come together

And unite, excel and represent the best of their countries.

The leader waited until they were over,

As customary, a pact made by men,

Since ancient times,

Not to wage war when such goodness was

going on.

So the tanks waited

To roll slowly toward the land they would


And give the people the chance to

Realize their lives as they knew them

were over, and give up quietly.

Little did he know,

They didn’t, wouldn’t, won’t give up.

For their hearts have a beauty, love

And strength in them

That he will never understand

Or conquer.

KB 3/22

The Man in the Marsh

Photo by unSplash

There’s a man in the marsh who sits by himself

Looking out over the creek,

Late in the day, far from the fray

Who knows what fortune he seeks?

At the twilight hour, descending the hill

He nestles into his spot,

Where only he, feels totally free

From the daily stress and whatnot.

A world awaits this man down there…

A peaceful, quiet place,

Where the sun shines down and the wind ripples ‘round

Here the spirits and he do embrace.

This special mans heart is large and full

Of people and places he loves,

And the spirits beyond, of him, are quite fond

Watching over him from up above.

So if you happen to pass the marsh

And see in there, a man,

Respect his space, smile at his face

And learn from him what you can.